Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapter 17

1. What is the Westing connection between the Hoo family?
2. What does the word gleefully mean? What page can it be found on? How can you use it in a sentence?
3. What does the word innersoles mean? What page can it be found on? Who invented it?
4. What did Theo discover? How did he discover it?
5. Why was the bomb squad getting called in so many times? What were they examining?
6. What is the lawyers name? Why is his name an asset in the story?
7. What is judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers looking for in the heirs reports? Why, explain?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chapter 18

1 What is ammonium nitrate ? What is it used in?
2 Why do you think Turtle told Flora to sell every stock they had invested in and put the money into Westing Paper Products?
3 What does the word heiress mean? what page can it be found on?
4 What does the word coyly mean? What page can it be found on?
5 Why do you think Sydelle Pulaski wore a crutch even before she broke her ankle?
6 What does Grace Wexler do when she sees E.J. Plum in Angela's hospital room and why did she do it.
7 Do you think the medicine Denton Deere tells Chris about will work?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chapter 19

1. Which pair found out the relation between Crow and Grace? How did they do this?
2. Do you think Mr. Westing really made a mistake? Why or Why not?
3. Which character can you best relate to?
4. Who does Crow suspect as the bomber at first? Why?
5. What does mutilator mean? What page is it found on? Who is the mutilator?
6. What shocked you the most in this chapter?
7. What does penance mean? What page is it on? What part of speech is it?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chapter 20

Chapter 20
1. How did Theo end up in the ER?
2. What do you think Otis was doing in the rooming house?
3. Why would the heirs have to protect Mrs. Westing?
4. What does the word eloped mean? What page is it on?
5. Why is Mr. Theodorakis lonely?
6. What does legitimate mean? What page is it on? Who had the excuse?
7. Do you really think that Theo was experimenting on chemical fertilizers? Why or why not? If not, what do you think he was working on?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chapter 25 Questions Due Friday

1. Do you think Crow is guilty? explain your answer.
2. What does the word inherit mean and what page can it be found on?
3. What do you think Westing's final move in the game will be?
4. Why do you think Angela is defending Crow?
5. What does the word mournful mean and what page can it be found on?
6. What did Sandy do to Turtle when he died?
7. Why do you think Madame Hoo seems guilty of something?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Chapter 26 questions

1.Who were Otis Amber's clients? What is Otis Amber's real job?
2.Who was Dr. Sikes? And where does he come in in the story?
3. What does Bristle mean? What page is it found on?
4.What does Embalmed mean? What page is it found on?
5. Why didn't Barney Northrup want to investigate Denton Deere? What was Denton Deere's role in this chapter?
6.what diagnosis did Denton Deere think happened to Sam Westing? What page is it found on?
7.*Bonus* ( only makes sense if you finished the book) Why was North bolded in number five?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chapter 27 Questions

1. Why do you think Sam Westing Say "Happy Fourth  of July" at the end of the 19th section of the will.
2.  What is an "Oriental Rug" Where is it mentioned and why was turtle surprised not to see one
3. Why are the heirs mad at Sam Westing?
4. How does Turtle Win the game?
5. Why was turtle feeling sad for kicking Barney Northrup when he found out the 4 identities of Sam Westing?
6. What is an "Aviators Helmet" When is it mentioned , and who is wearing one
7. What does  Bequeath mean?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 28 questions

1. Who got married? did this Surprise You? Where did the wedding take place?
2. Who got a new job? where do they work?
3. How did Turtle make a lot of Money?
4. Who won the Westing Game?
5. Who serves the best food in town? What page is this quote found on?
6.  How old is Turtle when she graduates?
7.  what does Milwaukee mean?