Friday, January 30, 2015

26 questions from Lucy

Chapter 26 questions from Lucy

  1. What did it mean when it said “Judge Ford rapped for silence”? What page is this on?
  2. Who had to give Judge Ford their gun so he could lock it away?
  3. “I saw it,” Grace Wexler cried, “I saw him.” Who did Grace see? Why was Grace so freaked out when she saw “him”?
  4. What is a “flask”? What page is this word on? Who let Turtle borrow theirs?
  5. What was the judges question on page 169? Who was getting the question asked to them?

27 questions from Ethan

1. Why did the Westing house burn to the ground?

2. What does "vaguely" mean and where did it appear?

3. Why did Turtle win the Westing game?

4. What did Turtle mean when she said she couldn't keep up this act any longer?

5. What were the four identities of Windy Windkloppel?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Chapter 25 Questions from Keian

1. How many heirs are remaining?

2. Whose transcript was Turtle looking at?

3. What does dastardly mean?  Who defined it?

4. Who thinks Crow isn't going to inherit anything?  Why?

5. Who is Westing's queen?

Chapter 24 Questions from Max

  1. What does the word “appointed” mean? What page can it be found on?
  2. Who did Madame Hoo think was the bad person, and why?
  3.  At first, who did Mr. Hoo think was the possible murderer?
  4. From the sentence : “ Sandy stood, took a long swig from his flask, coughed, then spoke in a hoarse voice. What do you think a flask is, and what does it look like?
  5. For the clues on page 150, what do you think those clues represent as a clue?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chapter 23 Questions

1.  What was Berthe Crow's answer at the meeting and why is it interesting?

2. What Does Crimson Streaked Mean and Where is it mentioned?

3.  What do You think the plan made by Judge .J.J. Ford and her partners is and how do you think it will turn out in the end?

4. Why was it surprising that Theo and Doug Said "No answer?"

5. What is a "Nasal Voice" mean, where is it mentioned, and who had that type of voice?

6. What do think "do not pass go" means and what do you think they are going to do think?

7. Which team do you think won the inheritance and why? 


Friday, January 2, 2015

Chapter 22

1.Why does Crow not want to open the door?
2.What does developmental mean? What page is it mentioned on?
3.What is singed hair? What page is it mentioned on?
4.Do you think Otis Amber is Sam Westing?
5.What is a smart-aleck?What page is it mentioned on?
6.What does Grace think is a ugly name?
7.What does Turtle think is worst a haircut or a tooth filling?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chapter 21 Questions

1 Why do you think Turtle framed herself to save Angela?
2 What does the word downcast mean and what page can it be found on?
3 Do you think Angela and Sydelle were right about who the murderer was and who did they think it was?
4 What does the word remedy mean and what page can it be found on?
5 What did Crow and Otis use their money on?
6 Do you think Sam Westing is dead and if not who do you think he is?
7 What did Turtle do with the bourbon that J.J Ford gave her?