Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book Responses: Read!

For the most part, great job at getting your reading and responding assignments done!!!  I hope you are starting to like the book, or at least be intrigued by it!  :)

Make sure to use your character chart to keep track of information about each character if you are getting characters confused!

When responding to questions, you are mostly all putting the question number next to your answer.  From now on, I also want to make sure you are answering in complete sentences using the question to start your answer.  (Also try to use punctuation and capitalization where needed!)

For example, if the question is, "# 1. Why did Sydelle want Angela to wear a matching dress?" 
  • Your answer SHOULD be: #1. Sydelle wanted Angela to wear a matching dress because it would make people question why they were dressed like twins.

  • Your answer should NOT be: #1 so people would ask about being twins. 

When we have so many characters, pronouns like he, she, and they make some of your responses confusing.

Keep up the good work!  Happy reading! ~Mrs. Farnsworth

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