Monday, February 9, 2015

Final Project Options

Working on your own, decide on which project you would like to do.  This is due next Tuesday!!  See below for what I am looking for in a quality project!
  • The project's written portion(s) use(s) appropriate grammar, spelling, and mechanics 
  • The project includes all required elements and generally follows guidelines 
  • The project clearly demonstrates that its creator read the novel in its entirety 
  • The project is presented well, clearly, and with enthusiasm 
  • The project shows sufficient planning and effort
  • The project is neat and orderly in appearance
1. You’ve been hired to direct and cast the characters for a new movie version of The Westing Game. Who would you select for each part (actors or people you know), and why? What kind of acting instructions would you give to each person?

2. Make “Wanted” posters for four of the Westing heirs. Illustrate your posters using physical descriptions from the novel, and include information on your poster about what makes each character suspicious or what their "crimes" are. 

        Picture of the suspect
        Brief written description under the picture;
for example:
o   Look like
o   Age, occupation
o   Wanted for
o   Last seen

3. Each of the 16 heirs of Sam Westing has some kind of past connection to him. Using Judge Ford’s notes on each heir, create a web with Sam Westing in the center, showing all of the connections between Sam and his heirs. Include as many details as you can, and show the connections between the heirs as well.

4. Create a movie--using either live actors, puppets, animation, or a mixture--acting out a pivotal scene in the novel. The final version should be between 2 and 5 minutes long.

5. Create a storyboard or illustrated timeline of the novel with at least 15 important events or scenes in it. These scenes should be colorful and neat, as well as large enough to view easily (they may be digitally presented or in any paper form you choose). 

6. Research the writing of a will. Why might you want a lawyer to help with the writing of a will? Find out what might invalidate a will. Try and locate some funny or interesting wills. Culminate this activity by writing your own will.

7. Write a detailed obituary for two of the characters in the novel. Read some of the obituaries in a local newspaper as preparation for this exercise. 
        Full name of the deceased
        Place of birth
        Name of significant other and names of immediate family
        Name, date, place of funeral service.
        Notable accomplishments

8. Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot in one article, cover the weather in another, do a featured story on one of the more important characters in another. Include an editorial, at least four ads that would be pertinent to the story, and one comic strip about the story.

9. Pretend you are a Westingtown police detective and create three files, one each on three different suspects in The Westing Game. Use manila folders and try to make each as genuine as possible; they should each contain a detailed photograph, a list of positive and negative traits of the character, and other pertinent information (occupation, partner in the game, motives, clues you found, family, birth certificate, etc.). Don’t just write all this on a sheet of paper; use your imagination and have fun! You should include a note to your boss explaining which suspect you think is the guilty party and why. 

10. Board game- Design a game (similar to “Clue”), based on the characters and events that occurred in the novel, create a board game.
Game must include:
        A game board
        Objective of the game
        Rule sheet
        Events from the novel
        Characters from the novel

11. Create a slideshow or podcast to present the following information:
        Main Problem (of the book)
        Solution (to the problem)
        Opinion of the novel
o   Rating
o   Why

Your choice! Is there a different project you'd like to do? Let me know, and we'll work it out.

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