Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chapter 5

1. Who shows up for the reading of the will?  Who does not come?

2. What was Sam Westing holding in the coffin?

3. Why is Judge JJ Ford surprised to see E.J. Plum?

4. What does Sydelle's dress remind Turtle of?  Why do you think that may be important?

5. What page did "relinquish" show up on?  What does it mean?

6. What page does "morbid" show up on?  What does it mean?  Write a sentence using that word.

7. What page does "scrutiny" show up on?  What does it mean?  Who is under scrutiny?


  1. #6. The word "morbid" is found on page 24. It means appealing to an abnormal or unhealthy interest in disgusting objects and ideas.
    "The school lunch today was massively morbid."

  2. #4 Sydelle's dress reminds Turtle of purple waves. I think purple waves is one of the clues in the story leading to the fortune.

  3. #4 sydelles dress remkindes turtle of purple waves

  4. #1. Everyone came except for Jake Wexler because of the Green Bay Packers game was on and Madame Sun Lin Hoo. Mr. Hoo didn't want to be there because of the Green Bay Packers game too. Everyone else that bought a apartment at sunset towers came but Sydelle came late because of her rainbow painted crutches and said that she's still trying to figure them out. Turtle noticed something about the crutches, it had purple stripes and that's all because she remembered in the Westing House how she heard someone calling purple waves.

  5. #5 relinquish means voluntarily cease to keep or claim

  6. #2 Sam Westing was holding turtle's mom's silver cross and he was dress up as Uncle Sam.

  7. #3. Judge JJ Ford was surprised to see E.J. Plum because when she last saw him he was "bumbling to the point of incompetence." She was surprised that such a inexperienced attorney was handling such an important case.

  8. #4 Sydelle's dress reminds Turtle of purple waves. I think this is important because one of the first people to go into the Westing house came out crazy and the only thing he said since was purple waves. Then Turtle went into the Westing house and a few days later she thought of that Sydelle's dress reminded her of purple waves so maybe she might be going crazy too.